The Guardians came for a visit to Earth, and I had the opportunity to welcome them, by way of EPCOT. This one-of-a-kind coaster features amazing technology paired with a great storyline, so we did our best to extend that story across the advertising. I helped create the key visual, a New York Comic Con takeover, and an OOH campaign to bring it all to life.
For the key visual, you can see my initial sketch next to BOND's final illustration. It was important for us to establish the hierarchy that it was a unique coaster-attraction at EPCOT, not a movie, but also emphasize the star power of our Characters and IP.
As part of our activations, we established a Xandarian outpost at New York Comic Con, and allowed Guests the opportunity to interact with our Xandarian hosts who were here to learn more about Terra (Earth). The design of the outpost reflected the design established by Imagineering, and extend the story from beyond EPCOT, to NYCC.
After their interaction with our Xandarian hosts, Guests were able to step inside the Xandarian "breakroom" and grab a pack of Zarg Nuts from their vending machine. There were some inter-office notes, fliers, and Xandarian OSHA posters up for the determined guest to translate from Xandarian to English as well.
The Zarg nut packaging was based off the screen-accurate snack Drax eats, but customized to our audience with some Easter Eggs for our NYCC guests.
As our attraction-launch drew near, our OOH campaign landed in Canada, ranging from Yonge–Dundas Square's massive screens to walking OOH in malls and transit hubs.
Designer: Connor King
Art Director: Chris Pletcher
Copywriter: Kelsie Hall
Motion Graphics Designer: Mitchell Thomas
Production Designer: Juan Rodriguez
Creative Directors: Marc Brugnoni, Josh Hepburn
Producer: Wes Lagatolla
Illustrator: BOND

All Content: ©Disney ©2024 MARVEL

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