Disney's newest vacation spot—Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point—is a tropical paradise located on Eleuthera in the Bahamas.
I had the opportunity to build the branding—balancing the cleanliness needed for marketing the desintation, with the Bahamian junkanoo maximalist style... and the Disney touch. Building upon the rich heritage of the Bahamas, as well as the resort's unique story crafted by Imagineering, I built out a branding system that's unique and works simply (even with a long name). 
And as I typically like to do, there's a hidden Mickey.
Using color inspired by the nature of the Bahamas, we found unique color pairings that provide flexibility and instant-fun. 
We also set out with the same idea for the typography, using a variable typeface with an incredible range to reference the hand-painted typography that can be found by the local artisans around the island.
Finally, inspired by the "leaf" shape and patterns found in elaborate junkanoo floats and costumes, we created pattern pieces that allow for individual creativity in crafting custom patterns.
Designers: Connor King, Cristian Donoso
Group Design Director: Agnete Oernsholt
Director, Creative: LaTanya Beauregard

All Content: ©Disney

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