Prior to the Pandemic, I saw a need at Disney for a proprietary geometric sans serif on a lot of the projects I was working on. When the Pandemic hit, and I had a bit more time, I decided to make it myself. Hundreds of hours in-between meetings over the course of two years, and thousands of characters and kerning pairs later, Multiplane made its debut at Disney. 
It's named after the Multiplane camera—a tool that added flexibility and simplicity to the production of animated films—as a nod to the conceit of the typeface that it can and should be used with any franchise or IP. ​​​​​​​
Timelapse of creating the additional weights of the standard ampersand
It includes eight weights in regular and oblique, as well as a Display and Text version, and supports multiple languages. Not only has it helped us have a more consistent typographic look and feel for many projects since its release, but it also won an award in the  2023 Communication Arts Typography Annual 13.
Designer: Connor King
Design Director: Will Gay
Group Design Director: Agnete Oernsholt

All Content: ©Disney

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