Our Annual Passholders are the epitome of Disney fans. They eat, sleep, breathe, and live the Parks. With their love for the past, as well as a constant eye on news of the future, our team needed to find a branding system that catered to their needs and had an ownable look they could adopt.
The answer was "Newstalgia". In mixing the old with the new. The retro with the fresh.
we took the original Walt Disney World logo, and used the iconic "D" as our base. Finding inspiration from retro stickers and badges, we paired it with a modern Character style and color palette to stand out in and outside of the Parks. 
Using "newstalgia" as our guide, we created a new magnet design built around the "D" with custom poses and styles of beloved Characters. We teamed up with the creators of the Mickey Shorts series at Disney TV Animation to build out our array of craveable and collectable magnets.
...and we didn't stop there. We worked to bring the magnets to life through Augmented Reality. When you scan your magnet with Snapchat, the magnets come to life in sight and sound for that Disney touch of extra magnet.​​​​​​​ I concepted, storyboarded, and helped direct our first two animations.
Finally, we created signage, physical & digital passes, merchandise, Christmas trees, phone accessories and more to bring the new brand to life.
Designer: Connor King
Design Director: Will Gay
Group Design Director: Agnete Oernsholt
Art Directors: Chui Diaz, Anna Heath
Copywriter: Ana Echols
Creative Director: Monse Valera
Producer: Noel Miranda

Producer:, Jessica Forer
Illustrator: Asia Ellington
Animation: Mercury Filmworks
Director: Paul Rudish
All Content: ©Disney

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