Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is the most-immersive experience to ever come to Walt Disney World. Guests could board the Halcyon, and live out their very own Star Wars story. While the experience itself had in-story design elements, we needed to brand the Guest facing name & how it would be marketed.
Beyond the logo and style guide, we needed to create key art that represented all of the different aspects of this experience. The main key being that you could choose your own adventure, so we decided to make our key "family" be lit from behind so that you could see yourself playing the roles yourself. We worked with illustrator Greg Pro to bring that concept to life.
Original key art sketch next to the final illustrated poster by Greg Pro.
For the logo, I called upon classic Star Wars motifs in order to create custom lettering that fit the long name, but was highly legible in all sizes.​​​​​​​
After the initial logo design, the Marvel Comics team asked for a masthead for the upcoming Halcyon Legacy series. Building from the initial letterforms, additional glyphs were created for a unicase alphabet to create the masthead.
...and yes, I did shamelessly get my photo taken in front of the marquee.
Designer: Connor King
Design Director: Will Gay
Group Design Director: Agnete Oernsholt
Art Directors: Crystalyn Simpson & Sam Sanders
Copywriter: Frankie Ainsworth
Creative Director: John McCall & Mary Toves
Producer: Jeff Clausen
Key Art Illustrator: Greg Pro
WDI Leads: Scott Trowbridge, Ann Morrow Johnson

Film: Twin
All Content: ©Disney ©Lucasfilm LTD ©2024 MARVEL

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