TRON Lightcycle / Run is the fastest coaster in Disney Parks history. Guests climb aboard a lightcycle and launch into the Grid, a digital world with no horizons. 
A huge part of our vision for the campaign was partnering with the original creator of the Grid, Bradley G. Munkowitz (GMUNK) to bring it to life through our :90 cinema spot, Key Visuals, Out of Home, and social pieces.
Utilizing unique camera rigs, incredible motion graphics and some very heavy duty lasers, we brought the world of the Grid to Walt Disney World.
In an effort to apply our tagline of "Limit: Not Found", we wanted our OOH tactics to be like nothing Central Florida has seen before. Along with GMUNK, we brought the world of the Grid to life in a massive way right next to the I-4 corridor on a screen spanning two sides of a building as well as a high-traffic billboard, complete with custom lightboxes and neon.
Our announcement of the launch date hit 48.1 M views on Twitter/X and reached 10.7M views on Instagram—the highest in Disney Parks history.
Designer: Connor King
Art Directors: Connor King, Chui Diaz
Copywriter: Frankie Ainsworth
Group Creative Director: Monse Valera
Design Director: Will Gay
Group Design Director: Agnete Oernsholt
Producer: Wes Lagatolla
Photographer: Ben Christensen, Kent Phillips
Director: GMUNK
DP: Karina Silva
Motion Graphics: Michael Rigley, Toros Kose, Peiter Hergert
Music: DaHouse
VFX & Mix: Skywalker Sound
Production: JOJX

All Content: ©Disney

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